Website Down? Unacceptable! Here’s how we keep your new website up 100% of the time!

Website down? What do you do?

On a big name web host, when your website goes down, here’s what happens:

website going down. not with uptime monitoring

👉You might not notice it’s down for a few days – finally a client tries to get on your website and is nice enough to give you a heads up that it’s down.

👉You frantically get in touch with your #webdeveloper, who may be busy with other clients.

👉Your web developer finally takes a look, and gets in touch with your web host to make sure things are getting fixed properly.

👉You get a bill from your web developer.

With – it’s different. We set up Uptime Monitoring for every website on our server.

Here’s how that would play out:

🧭Your website is monitored at 5 minute intervals.

🦾If your website does go down, we’ll get an email right away – we spring into action to find the cause – and fix it right away.

It’s so efficient, you may not even know it happened.


✅Take out the middleman

✅Save you loads of money

✅Make sure your site is always up and running.

That’s the #flyhostguarantee

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