Annoying Spam from your website? 3 Tricks to make it stop.

Are you getting a lot of spam from your website?

Here are some things to check out:

domain whois information with privacy enabled to prevent spam
A domain I own with privacy enabled – highlighted areas would show my personal information!

πŸ‘‰Do you have Captcha set up on your contact forms?
We’ve all used them, and they can be quite annoying, but they are effective. Also, you can now add invisible re-Captcha. It only challenges your users if there’s a reason to believe they are robots.

πŸ‘‰Is your email address listed on your website?
Your customers can see it right. Well so can your spammers. But from experience, I don’t find this to be a huge form of spam, and to me, the pros of having it on the website outweigh the cons. It’s a more convenient way for my clients to get in touch, so I’m ok with that.

πŸ‘‰Did you purchase domain privacy when you bought your domain name?

This is a BIG window for spammers.

When domains are registered, unless you have privacy enabled, your name, address, phone number, and email address are shown on WHOIS data. Spammers are constantly scouring WHOIS data for people to sell their “website services” to.

Not sure if you have privacy enabled – go to and search your domain name. If you see your information there, that’s the culprit. Purchase domain privacy asap.

Is your domain registrar selling privacy for $9+/year? Transfer to FlyHost – it’s only $3.95/year.(Honestly, it’s so important I would give it away for free, but that’s what they charge me πŸ˜•)

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