Do I need to buy a paid SSL Certificate? 4 reasons you don’t need this costly option!

So your web host got you to purchase a paid SSL certificate?

paid SSL vs free ssl

You know, the little green lock next to the website URL?

Did you know that there is a very reputable, free option?

It’s called Let’s Encrypt. And while many web hosts offer this option, many are still trying to sell you their paid versions.

So what’s the difference?

Well, not much, for most businesses.

From the research I’ve done, these are the reasons Web hosts provide to get you to buy a paid SSL cert. vs using LetEncrypt
(and why I don’t think you need to):

💠No warranty or support on Let’s Encrypt in case of an issue
(your web host or developer can help you with this)

💠Let’s Encrypt certificates are only valid for 90 days
(it can be put on auto renew, and web hosts that offer this are generally on auto renew)

💠Let’s Encrypt only offers Domain Validation Certificates while paid certificates go through a more rigorous process on validating the website.
(In the past, this mattered. A business with a paid certificate who jumped through all the hoops would get a green address bar. This looked great for the businesses. Now though, they’re all the same- see image. )

💠Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer dynamic site seals which some visitors may find reassuring.
(These days though, people are looking at the lock. If it’s there, it’s secure. If it’s not, don’t put any information there ever)

In conclusion, in terms of secure encryption, they are equal. All are trusted by the major browsers. Also, all display the green padlock in the address bar of your browser.

So if you’re tired of your web host charging you yet again for something unnecessary, let me know.

I can set you up on a great web host 😉

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